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About Us

With over 25 years of experience, Studio digital is committed to provide its customers excellent services and unique quality of work. Located in the central east of England, in the heart of Leicester, Studio Digital specialises in a diversity of photographic and video filming services. We provide services across numerous geographical areas of the United Kingdom and upon request we are able to provide services across the world.

Our highly trained professionals are committed to provide customer satisfaction; therefore we use the latest digital technology, equipment and materials to deliver your memories in a standard which exceed excellence.


The services we provide are photography and video filming at various events including all wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, diverse functions and shows, and many more. Also we take photographs within our studio based in Leicester, where professional portraits which include family, pets and graduation are taken. Our professionals are able to restore old photographs, make enlarged high quality copies, create duplicate copies of DVD’s as well as transfer old video films into DVD’s. We also provide framing services for any size photographs and instant international passport photographs.


Our prices replicate the exceptional quality of our work and still we remain outstandingly competitive in today’s market. 

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