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Commercial Photography

We are also under take commercial photogrphy,Shop,Resturant,Food product also web design services.

Gala Casino

We have connections with many businesses as a result of previously photographing their venues or by photographing or videofilming for our clients at those venues. These connections provide us with being able to negotiate how we would position ourselves and also the arrangements of the equipments. We also have access to additional resources and time to complete the day with additional stylish photography. Gala Casino is one of our success where we have taken photos of the events running there as well as the staff team. 


Many of our clients have been interested in hiring us to photograph their products which are to be diplayed to be sold, to auction or to advertise to customers and with some elite businesses requiring our services for their wedding magazines, cars, jewellery, banners, and also furnitures. 


We also specialise in capturing photography for openings of restaurants, bars and clubs and have carried this out in many venues and for many businesses. 


Food photography has a growing market with many people giving significance and value to the type of food they have ate, produced and prepared. We have been capturing food photography for a very long time with the knowledge that it is a still life specialization of commercial photography, aimed at producing attractive photographs of food for the use in advertisements, packaging, menus or cookbooks. We have clients in the catering business who have hired our services and the photographs have been used to create menus, banners and leaflets. 

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