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The 25 years of experience in capturing Sikh weddings is our speciality with the ability to ensure that we do not fail to miss out on any of the special moments or event of the ceremony. We are aware and knowledgeable Takha, Chunni, Nanki Shakh, Choora, Jago, Kalgi,,Shera,Surma, Barrat, Ardaas, Mens Milni – Ladies Milni, Kumara, Anand Karaj, Palla, Lavans, Shagunn and Doli are significant events throughout the Sikh wedding ceremony. We will be willing to undertake any additional events as well, such as the Bhog Path and Akhand path or any other ceremonies for photography and videofilming. We will go an extra mile in ensuring that all events are captured beautifully and appear professional in quality. Please come and visit for further enquiries and to see a demo of our work. 

     Sikh Wedding

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