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The services we offer to our clients include; wedding album, fashion portraits and family portrait, any country passport photos, any country visa photos, photo frames, black and white to colour photos, Any format tapes transfered in to DVD, restoration of old photo to new, photo laminations, mandap hire, car hire, commercial work, transfering video to DVD, creation of story book album. 

Wedding Story Book Album

Our wedding story book album is manufured in the USA which has a very unique style as it is binded on good quality and lasting photography paper. 

Passport Photo

We are taking any country passport photos and also any country visa photos.


Proudly working with 

Novtel Hotel and Marriot Hotel,Holiday Inn,

DVD Cover

Photo Frames 

We specialise in all types and styles of photo frames and they can come in any sizes. Frames will be available on request. We also wrap around canvas and acrylic frames.  

The DVD cover has a unique cover which is created to represent your special day with the blending of images to create a unique look. We have many styles and are also open to suggestions of your own. 


Dee florist

Floral fushion

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